This project and its gestation…

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This project has been on a semi-hiatus. Mainly for a lack of focus on these things in particular and the desire to have more physically tangible projects. Which are engaging on a more localized level within different struggles and actions. Though the time which has been put into other activities is to further what this project is for, the desire and towards the destruction of the present order: capitalism, the state, civilization, ideology, church, work, school, surveillance, the police, and power in all its internalized and externalized forms.

Abscissa has been busy though. A few reprints and design have been done, to name a few:

For an Anti-Authoritarian Insurrectionalist International
Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism – Willful Disobedience and Venomous Butterfly
Excerpts from Power//Knowledge – Michel Focuault
Postscript on the Societies of Control – Gilles Deleuze

By the end of this year we will hope to have some translations of French pieces (not Tiqqun related) around the insurrectionary milieu. Then by the next two years or so some German translations.

Abscissa will also be at the Seattle Anarchist Book fair (check out the site: There will be some other goodies at the table though. A few colored copies of the European magazine Insurrection, some posters we have designed ourselves, videos, and pamphlets from the States. Check back for slow updates. Hatred, love, and letter bombs can be sent to our email.


Resistance Subjectivities Common – Judith Revel

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This text goes into the development of power and its control through the subjectification over bodies and populations through a practical analysis that can be situated at the level of every day life. Trying to recognize at what point power every time has the ability to take and control the counter-power to it and can begin in my own analysis at allocating a praxis of attack. Drawing heavily on the theory of “subjectivation” from Foucault and “lines of flight” from Deleuze. To the practice of creating new forms of living and experimenting with modes of subjectivation that are not imbeded in power relations and the practice in common that it is not focused on the singular or the whole of a form (whether a individual, community, group or collective).

Also we threw together a new layout for Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism its quite nice and has an image from the Oscar Grant Riots on z-cover.

Plus some links to some oldies but goldies:
Continual War 1

Continual War 2

Metropolis – Griorgio Agamben and some Bookmarks.

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In this small piece by Giorgio Agamben (a post-autonomist/critical theorist) he explores Foucault’s theory of biopower. Looking at the definition of metropolis and its use as something after the city, where the power as it was that is sovereign power within the city has now shifted to a biopower within the metropolis. A power over the body and of living things not just a power inflicted through torture upon the body but a subtle power that imbedes itself within the body. Agamben says this was done through a shift in techniques by power of  its governmentality. Using the plagued victim and the leper as a metaphor.

from the back of the pamphlet:
“This means that to understand what a metropolis is one needs to understand the process whereby power progressively takes on the character of government of things and the living, or if you like of an economy.”

And some nice bookmarks with quotes from some of our favorites.

“Power was in this instance essentially a right of seizure: of things, time, bodies, and ultimately life itself; it culminated in the privilege to seize hold of life in order to suppress it.”
The History of Sexuality – Volume 1 Michel Foucault

“It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: a hyperreal.”
Simulacra & Simulation – Jean Baudrillard

“…the state of emergency is transformed into an unrestrained festival where one displays pure violence in order to enjoy it in full freedom.”
The State of Emergency – Giorgio Agamben

“..and to give it the chance to not only experiment with new strategies of resistence, invest new fields, and try to produce new modes of life, but also to accumulate and sediment the results thus achieved, the conflicts built, the subjectivities set into motion.”
Resistance, subjectivities, common – Judith Revel


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As a side note before posting the list of pamphlets/booklets in our catalogue. We have been working on a more comprehensible form of this virtual thing, as you say website in the program dreamweaver. The catalogue will be very beautiful once we have conceived its being as a tangible thing. With pictures and beautiful descriptions. Look out soon for the pdf in a downloadable format on our temporary site (the wordpress). We have also been working on redesigning many beautiful covers for certain pieces as well as drowning in possible texts to put out.

Abscissa Catalogue:

Alfredo Bonanno/Elephant Editions/Acts of Freedom:
Armed Joy
From Riot to Insurrection
Apart from the Obvious Exceptions
Propulsive Utopia
Workers Autonomy
Why A Vanguard
Anarchism and the National Liberation Struggle
Lets Destroy Work Lets Destroy the Economy
The Insurrectional Project
The Anarchist Tension
Apart from the Obvious Exceptions
Palestine, Mon Amour
Locked Up
Revolution Violence Anti Authoritarianism
At Daggers Drawn
On the Poverty of Feminism
The Unwanted Children of Capital
Solidarity with the Aechen 4
Solidarity with imprisoned Comrades in Greece
Whats Going on in Italy
Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-Globalization Movement
Where is the Festival: Notes on Summits and Counter-Summits

Willful Disobedience/Wolfi Landstriecher:
Willful Disobedience – Issues 1 – 5
Dreaming in the Face of Disaster
What have We Demostrated
What is Society
In the Open Air: Notes on Repression and Related Matters
How Anarchist is the Platform
Policing on the Global Scale
A Project of Liberation
Reasons of Flame
Summits, Counter-Summits and Social War
A Manuscript Found in Victoria
At the Center of the Volcano
Which War
Life As Totality
More Much Much More and other writings – Massimo Passamani
Nature C’est Moi: Some Thoughts on Biotechnology
The Current Faces of Misery
Against the Legalization of Occupied Spaces
Abyss by Encyclopedie des Nuisances
Against the Engineering of Life
Towards An Alliance of Flame in Each Indignant Heart
A Balanced Account of the World: A Critical Look at the Scientific Worldview
Barbaric Thoughts: A Revolutionary Critique of Civilization
A Surrounding for Us to Live Within
Black Dog: Selections from the Italian Anarchist Weekly Canenero
Consuming Fire (Poetry from Wolfi)
FAWDA: on the Situation in Palestine
A Fullness of Struggle without Adjectives from Canenero
Endless War: Anarchist Anti Militarism and the “War on Terrorism”
This is What Democracy Looks Like
Genoa is Everywhere: Anarchist Analysis of G8 Protest…
Critical Thinking as an Anarchist Weapon
Strangers Everywhere
The Question of Organization
Marini Trials
From Politics to Life
The Network of Domination
On Behalf of the Barbarians
A War Nearby
A Wildcat Roars in Italy
On Sabotage as One of the Fine Arts
Against the Logic of Submission
To the Wanderers
Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention

Other Titles:
Escalation Issue 1
Against the Corpse Machine
Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism
Nights of Rage
The Revellion in Los Angeles: the Context of the Proletariat Uprising
Unfinished Acts: Oakland Rebellion…
You Cannot Kill Us, Where Already Dead
We are all Hooligans
Metropolis – Giorgio Agamben
Power and Strategies: Exerpt from Power/Knowledge – Michel Foucault
Jean Baudrillard – Strike Story
Gilles Deleuze – Post Script on the Society of Control
Albania Laboratory of Subversion
Grassroots Political Militants
Hungarian Revolution
Korean Working Class
The Kurdish Uprising
Decline and Fall of the Spectacle Commodity
Earth First Means Social War

Feral Revolution – Feral Faun
Deranged – Issue 0
Disorderly Conduct 1 -…
Occupied London
Total Destruction
Letter (Anti–Political Communist Journal)
Spectacular Times
Continual War
Incindeo 1 and 2
Politics is not a Banana – Issue 1 (non-book form)
Insurrection Magazine
Killing King Abacus
A Murder of Crows
325 Magazine
Modesto Anarcho
To the Restless 1 and 2
Autonomy 253